The fact of purchasing the goods from this store implies acceptance of the following:

  • 1.Purchased accounts are non-refundable. Analogically, the refund is not executed in case of user’s rejection of providing purchased services.
  • 2.Checking accounts only in manual mode, if you checked purchased VK accounts with a public checker, public proxies, then the accounts cannot be replaced.
  • 3.We check accounts with private software on private proxies, which guarantees the protection of accounts from being banned.
  • 4.Ignorance of the rules does not absolve from responsibility.
  • 5.If I am not there, there is no need to raise the alarm and beat yourself in the chest, I will come to everyone to answer.
  • 6.Refunds are made only if there are no goods to replace.
  • 7.Replacements are applied the same verification rules as in regular purchase. That is, they should also be checked immediately, as quickly as possible, without delay.
  • 8.It is forbidden to delete messages in the correspondence with the store's support, which relate to account replacements.
  • 9.If the user has fulfilled the requirements regarding the terms of contacting support (according to the contact rules), but has not provided complete or necessary information in the required form to carry out actions from the support, the user is given 48 hours starting from the corresponding support’s request to correct or supplement the information. Otherwise, the administration is not responsible for this, and is exempt from refunds or other compensations.
  • 10.It is forbidden to send duplicate messages to support of the store on the same order number or other problematic case.
  • 11.Regarding accounts with a balance (as well as with votes, and other types of local currency on a given site), the following rule applies: if the user has correctly fulfilled the requirements that are noticed in the product description, as well as the general rules for contacting support, but the actual amount on the balance is turned out to be less than the declared one, then monetary compensation is made for the difference between the declared amount and the actual one (in terms of the value of the goods themselves).
  • 12.Video file formats in which it is allowed to provide them to support for consideration (if such a requirement is provided by the product description): .MOV, .MPEG4, .MP4, .AVI, .WMV, .FLV, 3GPP, WebM.
  • 13.If the description of the product provides for video recording, then such video materials must be of good quality, with a clear image, all information displayed on the video must be legible, without breaks and other distortions. The minimum recommended recording definition is 1280x720. The use of various programs for post-processing video is not allowed.
  • 14.Full agreement with the current format for contacting support, and the description of the product you are buying.
  • 15.Procedural consequences for a user who: allowed himself to offend the store's support in an explicit or veiled form (this also applies to obscene statements by the user about the quality of goods or services in the store, and the operation of the store in general); as well as committing fraudulent actions (or an attempt to commit them) aimed at deliberately misleading support; and actions, the purpose of which is to create any obstacles to the normal operation of the store, spread slander to damage business reputation, the following apply:

for such a user, any actions on the part of support are terminated indefinitely, the presentation of unfinished services (if any) is canceled; replacements and any kind of compensation will be void.

  • 16.The recalculation of the quantity of goods is not made either up or down in the event that the buyer has not received the goods for one reason or another. At the time of payment verification, the quantity of goods is determined solely from the price of the goods in effect at the time of order. Compensation with goods or money is also made within the framework of other rules described in this section.
  • 17.Accounts are considered fully valid (working) if they can be logged in using one of the methods: by classic web authorization or through a token.